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Pearson Building Pursuits is the liaison between you, the home owner, and all the other people involved with building your home:

• Designer, builder, engineers, surveyors
• Plumbers, excavators, carpenters, electricians, roofers, masons, painters, cabinet makers, glaziers, concrete and sheet metal workers
• Installers of drywall, insulation, heating and air conditioning systems, fireplaces, flooring, and trim
• Suppliers, lumber yards, showrooms, manufacturer's representatives and service personnel
• Government agencies, inspectors, utility and fuel companies, bankers, and sometimes your friends and neighbors!

Worth Reading

Here are a few articles we find informative. Enjoy!

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"Thanks Scott for doing our deck and patio. It sure looks nice and we have already gotten compliments from family and neighbors. We will use it a lot in the coming years. Also I want to say "thanks" for being there for us when we need a referral for other workmen (plumber, electrician, etc). It is nice to have someone to go to when we need a name of a good repairman. You need great work and we will definitely refer your name on to others."
- Jim and Sue Allred

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