Make Your New Home Your Own

The idea of creating a living space exactly the way you envisioned it, with everything new and inviting, may be reason enough to build your own home. And for most of us, building a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make it fun!

Where to begin

Building a new home can be both exciting and intimidating. All successful home-building projects begin several months before you break ground. Understanding the process and having a clear vision from the beginning will make for fewer surprises along the way. Today's innovative home-building technologies and available resources have made it easier to choose a location, decide on a house plan, explore construction financing options, and assemble a home-building team.

Make it a Family Affair

Consider your lifestyle and that of your family. Your new-home-wish-list should include all the bells and whistles you'll want to make your life easier and more enjoyable…spa in the master bathroom, granite countertops in the kitchen, walk-in pantries, or an extra bedroom for your guests. Involve everyone in your family in selecting a house plan. Make notes of special features, home styles, the shape of the home, and configuration of the rooms. How many bedrooms and baths do you need? How about the home office? Do you need both a family room and living room? How many times do you really use that Formal Dining Room? Don't forget that your new home will need landscaping. If you and your family enjoy spending time outside, you'll want your home to have accessible patios or decks. Prioritize what's important in a new home to each member of the family. Keep a list of features you like and dislike.


"Dear Scott, We love our House! Thanks for your creativity, skills, and good taste. As soon as we unpack , I will be able to come home and sit and enjoy. Thanks again!"
- Toni and Gerry Turner

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