Working with a Designer/Draftsman

It's time to put your dream on paper. When you choose to build a house, you will have a draftsman consolidate your ideas into floor plans, elevations, and a foundation plan. As a draftsman, I offer a custom design service that allows you to alter an existing home plan to fit your special needs and personal style. Bring your home plans or use one of my plans. As a key part of your home-building team, the designer should be involved in the construction process from start to finish. You will want to collaborate with the designer about the location of windows and doors, appropriate room sizes, lighting plans, and even the ultimate home theater! Don't forget about the whirlpool tub and walk-in shower. Energy-saving home-building techniques make up many of today's more popular new home amenities…Geo-thermal heating and cooling, blown-in wall insulation, spray foam around windows and doors. All these elements need to be considered during the design process.

10 Questions that should help you narrow down you home plan search

1. How big is your lot?
This will establish the dimensions of the home plan you can select. Be sure to use the area within the setbacks of the lot. This is the area you can build in. Sloping lots will allow for a home with a daylight or walk-out type basement.

2. How is your land situated?
Knowing how the sun rises and sets on your lot will help decide which side of the house you want certain rooms to be located, such as a sunroom or screened porch. Knowing what kind of views you have will let you select the house plan that takes advantage of the natural setting of the lot. Choose a house plan that will best compliment the natural surroundings of the land.

3. How much room do you need?
This will help you decide how many bedrooms the home will need. Other rooms to consider are guest rooms, hobby rooms, or apartments.

4. Where do you spend most of your time?
Knowing where you spend the most time in your home will let you know what kind of spaces the home will need. Recreation Room, Media Room, Den, Study ...

5. Do you like to cook?
Home may be where the heart is, but the kitchen is where everyone hangs out. This is where families tend to spend most of their time together. Select a house plan with a kitchen that will accommodate all the members of your family comfortably.

6. Do you like to entertain?
Know how you like to entertain your guests. For weekend cookouts, I recommend house plans with outdoor living spaces. For casual in-door entertaining, look for house plans with open gathering spaces. If you prefer more intimate settings, choose a house plan with formal living and dining areas.

7. Do you have any neighborhood restrictions?
Check with your neighborhood homeowners association, if you have one, to see if there are any limitations on what you can build. Some neighborhoods restrict house plans to specific styles as well as size or height of home.

8. How much privacy do you want and where?
Look at window locations and where certain rooms are located. Do you prefer the master suite on the second level of the home or on the main level? Many people prefer homes with more privacy in the master suite and master retreat areas, while others might need privacy in other parts of the home such as an office, study or library.

9. Can you remember features of a home you were in that you loved?
Think about homes that you have visited in the past. What features did you like and dislike? Think about things you saw and just have to have.

10. Will this home be marketable in the future?
In the event that you choose to sell your house in the future, decide if the home you choose and the modifications you may make will be something that someone else will want.


"Dear Scott and Amy, We enjoyed showing our beautiful home to family and friends."
- Tom & Brenda Rappel

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