7 Secrets to Easier Remodeling

1. Look Ahead: Take your time. Think about your entire home, but confine remodeling to immediate goals, needs, and priorities. Don't plan a major whole house remodel or a room addition if you would rather move. We can assist you in sorting through the different options.

2. Get Organized: Start a reference file of pictures, ideas, questions, and concerns which define your preferences. Narrow it down in terms of specifics and don't try to duplicate scenes or rooms. We can interpret what you like into practical, attractive solutions.

3. Budget Realistically: Once you know that scope of work, set a preliminary budget which is affordable. Use 70 to 80 percent of that figure as your final budget. This will give you a 20 to 30 percent reserve for changes and contingencies.

4. Keep Accurate Files: Make a notebook or computer file to record decisions and agreements. We can explain to you the terminology, plans, drawings, materials specification, estimates, permits and schedules.

5. Communicate Well: We do not rely on verbal agreements. We insist upon written "Change Orders" which clearly explain the costs and specifics of all changes and revisions made. Honesty and candor are more important than technical know-how and are the secrets to successful remodeling.

6. Use Your Instincts: We use licensed, boned, experienced contractors - most of them have been working with us for many years. Check our list of references. Ask our customers specific, direct questions. Rely upon your intuition and observations so you will be comfortable during your remodel.

7. Expect Mutual Understandings: We use a written comprehensive contract and "construction" plans which clearly explain the work to be completed. It also guides everyone, the subcontractors, through the remodel.


"Dear Scott and Amy, We enjoyed showing our beautiful home to family and friends."
- Tom & Brenda Rappel

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